Policy Advocacy

Pursuing advocacy for necessary policy reforms to mitigate barriers and hindrances for the growth and development of country’s business and economy is another priority area of works of IBFB.

IBFB pursues advocacy within the policy making circles of the Government, National Parliament, bureaucracy and other important levels of the state upon crosscutting business and economic issues. In addition, other concurrent important affairs such as democratic reforms, transparency and good governance, local governance etc. having strong impacts on overall business and economic development are also given priorities for IBFB’s advocacy initiatives.

A few advocacy works carried out by IBFB are depicted below:

  1. Role of Media in Business Advocacy
  2. Trade & Investment with Japan
  3. Industrial Growth and the Role of Financial Institutions
  4. Regulatory Reforms Commission - The Hope & Aspiration of the Business Community
  5. The Need of Energy Consumers in Bangladesh
  6. Financing Needs of Enterprises
  7. Energy Crisis in Chittagong
  8. The Need of Energy Producers and Government Perspective
  9. Infrastructure Development in Chittagong
  10. World Economic Crisis and its Impact on Bangladesh
  11. Public Service Delivery and Business Environment
  12. Good Governance for Economic Growth
  13. Complexities in the Income Tax Laws: A Quest for a Simpler Taxation System
  14. Improving Property Registration Process and IFC Ranking of Bangladesh
  15. City Governance & Private Sector Development
  16. Reducing Corruption in Accessing Industrial Credit and Improving Transparency of State-owned Commercial Banks (SCBs)
  17. Identifying Regulatory Barriers and Improving Transparency in Shipbuilding Industry
  18. Complexities in Environment Clearance Certificate for Industrial Ventures and Reducing Corruption
  19. Identifying Regulatory Impediments of the Light Engineering Sector and Improving Transparency
  20. Business Ethics
  21. Importance of Strong Public Financial Management for the Private Sector
  22. Formulation of Policy Guidelines for Development of Motorcycle Industrial Sector in Bangladesh
  23. Upcoming National Election: Business Friendly Economic Manifestos of the Political Parties
  24. Well-Planned Urbanization and Development: Involving Private Sector under Public Private Partnership (PPP)
  25. Overseas Investment by Bangladeshi Entrepreneurs

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