Training and development plays a vital role in modern day business operations. In pursuit of imparting knowledge and skills for capacity development of the companies and firms in Bangladesh to successfully run their respective business operations, IBFB regularly organizes training and development programs. The courses and durations of the training programs are designed on the basis of IBFB Members’ needs and market demands.

In addition to regular training programs, IBFB has taken an initiative namely “Future Entrepreneurs Development Program” to promote entrepreneurship and private sector development in Bangladesh. Under the program, trainings and seminars on different aspects of entrepreneurships i.e. how to start entrepreneurship, how to manage finances etc. are organized regularly for the individuals and future graduates who are aspiring to embark on business entrepreneurship. The participants, through this program, acquire practical knowledge and experience on business and entrepreneurship, and also avail the opportunities to directly build up rapport with country’s eminent business leaders and open doors for future job interviews, internship or recruitments in their respective business conglomerates.

IBFB is also working on to establish a separate training institute namely “Entrepreneurship Development Institute” in Dhaka in the days ahead.

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    IBFB Organizes 14th AGM
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    Press Conference on "Reaction of IBFB on National Budget 2019-20"
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    Mr. Hubert Goffinet, Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Belgium and hon’ble Directors/Members of International Business Forum of Bangladesh ...
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    IBFB organized a seminar on "Delta Plan 2100"

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